About Me

My name is Julie.
I am a Vegetarian who eats beef, chicken and fish.
I eat gluten-free (french baguettes and cookies don't count).
I make everything from scratch ... except when I'm tired or really really like something.
I am a Not-so-Perfect clean eater.

Two and half years ago, I began noticing food labels and craziness ensued.  I cut out sugar and processed food, threw out everything white, made everything from scratch... and drove myself AND my family completely bonkers.

I found great resources to help me eat clean, but sometimes it felt like it was never enough.

The reality is:
  • Most of us share a home with family members who don't share our food philosophy.
  • We wish we could afford more organic food.
  • We have little time to make everything from scratch.
  • We don't live on or near a farm.
  • We like french baguettes made with white flour.
  • Some of us might even sneak through the McDonald's drive-thru.

Can you relate?  My goal is to simply share with you how to:

  • Find better packaged convenience foods
  • Do your best when eating out in restaurants and coffee shops
  • Tackle reading trendy "health food" labels
  • Locate affordable and convenient places to shop
  • and much more

My family

I live in a very diverse family.   My husband is naturally healthy and loves salad, pop and candy.  My 17 year old son thinks "clean eating" is just a giant conspiracy against his favorite cereal and pop manufacturers.   My 22 year old tries to eat as healthy as possible, but struggles with lack of time.  And me?  I am the product of 25 years of dieting.  I've struggled with obesity and health problems my whole life.  But, In 2012 I began eating low sugar.  Although my progress is slow, this year I reversed my pre-diabetes!   My goal is to simply do my best, eat in moderation, and eat as naturally as possible.   Isn't that a novel idea?

Just Eat More Naturally

I hope you never feel judged or overwhelmed here.  I am far from perfect and I hope you can relate.  I'm not a doctor or nutritionist.  I won't pretend to be a great cook, and I won't be amazing you with my photography.  All I am is a hunter and gatherer of information... oh, and I'll try most things once.  I hope this "talent" of mine can help YOU find easier and more affordable ways to just Eat More Naturally :)

PS.  I am not a doctor or a nutritionist.  Before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle, you should consult with your doctor.  You know...have internet smarts!


  1. Hi, just found your blog. Very helpful already. Shared it with my sister who is diabetic. Are you from Ontario? I think you might be because I saw Hewitts dairy. I think that is awesome if so, because often blogs and other sources tell you to get stuff that is only available in the US which sometimes is more of a challenge. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes, I'm located in Ontario. I'm glad you've found the Canadian perspective helpful. Thanks for the kind words :)

  2. Thank you for the time and effort you put into your informative blog.

  3. Hello..love your blog. You make all receipes seem so easy and the pictures make me hungry..Hearing that you use VitaMix to help you create these dishes makes me want to rush out and buy one..Already looked up where I can find one for myself. Keep up the good works.

  4. Just found your blog - Awesome, helpful - excited to delve in :)


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