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I live in a city with some pretty awesome shops, but there are still many brands I don’t have access to.   Truly ‘non-toxic’ bath and beauty products can be really hard to find and they are usually very expensive. That’s why I order most of my shampoos, conditioners, gel, lotions, and makeup online. I also order specialty items like SweetLeaf stevia, Simply organic spices and organic vanilla … for about half the cost of purchasing locally.  I wasn't really comfortable with the whole idea of shopping online for groceries and beauty products.  Here's why I began:

  1. Shopping online gives me access to more products...some that aren't available locally.
  2. Shopping online saves me A LOT of money, especially on specialty items like organic makeup and hair care products.
  3. Shopping for a NEW product online allows me the time to research the ingredients and compare them to the EWG database.

I've used several on-line health retailers, but since 2012, I've ordered from iHerb 19 times!  Why?
  • The prices are great!
  • Expedited shipping over $20 is free in the US!
  • All the ingredients are listed for me to study.
  • You can read actual purchaser reviews.
  • I've received EVERY order I put in with no issues.
  • Re-ordering items is a breeze.
  • There are also specials and trials, and you might even find free stuff like lip balms.
  • Did I mention the prices are great?

Shopping on iHerb is easy.  You either browse by department or use the search box to find a specific product.  Today, I'm shopping for organic tart cherry juice concentrate.  My husband last paid $25 locally.  I find the exact same brand for $11.14.  SCORE!!!!

I'm also running low on make-up.  Just like regular shopping, not everything in a health food store is "clean", so I open a new window in my browser and pull up the Environmental Working Group database.  I check out a specific mascara on iHerb and see that it has a very good rating with the EWG.  Keep in mind that if you can't find a product on the EWG website, you can generate your own report.

Sometimes an item (like the mascara above) is not in stock. This doesn't happen often. I ask to be notified when it's available. I also search for my favorite Honeybee Gardens clean eye liner. I save over $10 what I would pay locally.

I now do a search for "nail polish" and under "Brands", I click on "View All". This pulls up a list of ALL the nail polish brands iHerb carries. Side by side, I scroll through the EWG comparing the brands that iHerb carries, and select the products I want.

Time to check out!  As a returning customer, you simply sign in and "place your order".  If you're a new customer, you'll be asked to set up an account.  If you don't like junk mail, check off the "No, just send me information about my orders".  I did and I never receive spam from iHerb.

About iHerb Coupon Codes

If you're a first time shopper, make sure you use a coupon code to get a minimum $5 off your first order or $10 if you spend more than $40.  The "first-time" coupon is the only coupon iHerb currently uses.

how to save money on iherbMy coupon code is KEP382.  You might have noticed these iHerb coupon codes all over the internet.  That's because iHerb will pay a small commission to anyone who promotes their website by word of mouth.  In fact, after YOUR first order, you'll also receive a coupon code to share with friends.  If they use your coupon, you get a small percentage of their sale.

Bloggers, who actually take the time to do research into the products they showcase on their website, really appreciate when you use their coupon code.  I certainly do!  If you use a link from this website, you should see the code automatically added.

iHerb Shipping

Next, we pick our shipping method.  Expedited shipping within the US is free over $20.   For international shipping, please see our iHerb International Shipping post.

After you pay, you’ll receive a ‘pending order’ confirmation email right away.  At any point before shipment you may cancel your order or modify the amounts of each item you requested.  If you want to add something new, you’ll need to cancel and simply re-order.  Shipment usually happens within two days, at which point you’ll get a second email from iHerb, and your order will be final.

Getting a package from iHerb

Here's a package I received today:

- My stevia is in bubble wrap with the expiration date clearly written on the package.

- Pineapple slices.

- Two types of make-up remover to test.

- Two 4oz bottles of Aubrey's shampoo and conditioner I bought for $1 each, from the "Trials" section of iHerb.

Oh...and today, there's a snack bag clip.  iHerb always throws in a little something extra.

If you shopping iHerb outside the US, please see our iHerb International shipping post.   So, are you ready to save money?  Give iHerb a try with the $5 coupon.

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