Awesome Clean Eating Books

"The best books... are those that tell you what you already know."
George Orwell, 1984

If you search for "diet books" on the Chapters/Indigo website, 12900 search results will show up.
With Americans spending billions of dollars each year on diet aids, the writing of diet books is a very profitable industry, one where people are guaranteed to keep coming back for more.  Unfortunately (for my bank account), it took 20 years, for me to realize, all these books pretty much say the same thing... eliminate a food group, do math, succeed until you fail.  Wash, rinse and repeat.
But, if you search a little deeper, you can find food books of a different kind.
Common sense stuff... about things you knew deep down inside, but just didn't want to think about.  


If you're new to clean eating, Food Matters by Mark Bittman is an easy read.  It reminds us that food comes with more consequences than an expanding waistline.  Think of the journey.  Eat more vegetables.  Eat less processed foods.  Simple.

A little more in depth than Food Matters, forget everything you were taught in health class and diet books.  Go back to how your grandparents (or greatgrandparents) ate.   Find out how politics and the economy have shaped the Western diet.   Eat Food, not too much, mostly vegetables.

I've been reading Meghan's blog for a couple of years now, and while it's much stricter than I eat (gluten-free, mostly plant based), I love the upbeat positivity she applies to eating healthy.  Forget dieting.  Eat real food, love, laugh... it's all connected!

Sort of like a diet book, but not.
Mark Hyman raises serious concerns about the Standard American Diet and the epidemic of health problems it is causing:  insulin resistance, fatty liver, inflammation, etc.   Depending on your goals, the blood sugar solution is initially very strict, but then you realize it's all about eating decadent healthy food that sustains your body instead of damaging it.
I followed the basic plan, and in three month, my pre-diabetic AC1 blood sugars levels went from 6.1 to 5.7.  You will learn A LOT of basic biology from this book which is helpful in changing how you feel about food.   Ignorance is not bliss.  Choose better and tastier.

  Here we were, worrying about "calories" all this time.  Warning:  This book will make you really mad (I feel really mad typing this right now), but sometimes mad is the only thing that will evoke change.


Disturbing, sad... reality.  This might be tough for some to watch, but it is educational as opposed to sensational.  This investigative documentary takes a look at how the general food industry does not care about you, animal welfare, or the environment.   Their goal is to make money, at any cost.  It will leave you wanting to take control back.


(Now the fun stuff!)

There are so many pantry and fridge staples that are simple and easy to make.  But sadly, these basics are becoming a lost art.  Stop the cycle.  Get the book.  Make the recipes with your kids.
Bonus:  I LOVE the little stories in this book!

This is the whole grain bread bible.  It has 55 whole grain recipes. Some are super easy and some are advanced.  Something for everyone!

A most respected source, and one of the few books specifically on grass-fed beef.  It is an art and this book will teach you all the basics, along with yummy recipes.  A good read, while you wait for your first side of beef.

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