Where to Buy Affordable Grass-fed Beef

Where to buy affordable grass-fed organic beef

Do you ever feel like organic grass-fed beef is something only the rich can afford?  I used to.
The first step I took towards finding better beef, was to visit my local butcher.  Sadly, the organic cuts were well beyond our budget and it wasn't even grass-fed beef.  I would gaze in shock at the price, knowing that I should be buying grass-fed beef in bulk.  3 things held me back.

1.  My family was never fond of stews and roasts.  What would I do with all these weird cuts of meat?
2.  Where would I find a grass-fed beef farmer?
3.   I felt overwhelmed.  Was it worth the hassle?   Would everything fit in my freezer?  Could I figure out cubic math?  What if the freezer breaker tripped like that time we were on vacation?  (happened once ... GAG!)

I put it out of my mind.

Over time, I grew more and more disturbed at beef farming practices,  I had to at least try to find local grass-fed beef.  I eventually stumbled upon a local blog post with comments that gave me a few good local leads.  This led to me finding Vibrant Farms about a 25 minutes drive from my home.   This farmer also had a blog:  The Organic Farmer's Daughter.  I visited the farm and immediately felt connected.  So I crossed off number two off my list of excuses.  Farmer found!

Where to buy affordable grass-fed organic beef

Next was figuring out the logistics.  I measured the inside of our freezer and hoped my grade 10 math was adequate enough.  Then the price... one whole side of Grass-fed beef would cost about $1300.  At the time, this was out of the budget, so I asked around until I found someone willing to split.  I nervously put our order in.

In preparation, I began reading everything I could about beef cuts.   I had come to accept the fact, that what makes Grass-Fed beef affordable, is using the whole cow ...  the cheap cuts, not just the premium.  Reading my local Healthy Butcher's Grass-Fed Beef Cooking Guide got me feeling adventurous.

Lastly, I had to deal with my 18 year old freezer.   I just didn't trust it.  I bought a simple freezer alarm which gave me peace of mind.   I tested it out before my beef was ready.  For the first few days the alarm kept going off.  My freezer needed to be set colder.

March 2014, we picked up 5 boxes of grass-fed beef.  

Where to buy affordable grass-fed organic beef

The above picture is actually from our second grass-fed beef pickup, a whole side in 2015. Clearly the grass-fed beef was a success.  A whole side of beef has lasted our family of four just over a year.  That's with me picking up extra ground beef when my farmer has a sale.  We eat a lot of tacos in the winter and burgers in the summer.

Where to buy affordable grass-fed organic beef

We've also since invested in a second freezer.  A whole side (plus 15 whole chickens) is A LOT of meat.  Having two smaller freezers helps me keep everything neat and organized.

It's now 2016 and time is fast approaching to order a new side.  Prices have gone up recently, but we still feel the cost is worth the quality of meat we are receiving.  When you're looking at the price of grass-fed organic beef, keep in mind that most of the meat is usually boneless.  It also has little fat and NO additives, therefore you lose very little volume during cooking.  What you start with is what you end up with.  So while the initial investment seems high, all these little things add up to savings.  As far as steaks go, we just don't eat as much, and when we do, we have smaller portions.   A little bit of good steak is better than a whole lot of mediocre ... a good lesson learned.

Our farmer also supplies us with organic free-run chickens and eggs. One stop shopping.  

Where to buy affordable grass-fed organic beef

In the end this saves me time... which saves me more money :)

To find out what Grass-Fed beef taste like see our post here.

Below are resources to help you find a farmer:

  • Ask your local health food store/healthy butcher who supplies their grass-fed beef.  Then contact the farm directly.
  • Google "organic grass-fed beef" or "grass-fed beef" + your city.  Then read the posts and the comments.  This is how I found my farmer.
  • You can also check out:

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