Exercising More Naturally and a Waterproof iPod Review

Buying a waterproof iPod for swimming

In my quest to eat more naturally, I've also found ways to exercise more naturally.  Gone are the days of starting crazy exercise regimens, only to get injured, get discouraged and fail.  After doing some very scientific research (okay... just looking around me), I basically do one of two things now... things that I can hopefully do forever:  Walk and swim.

What I find encouraging about walking and swimming, is seeing people, of all different body shapes and fitness levels, participating.  For example, Dorene, a beautiful lady of advanced years, arrives at the SwimPlex with her walker.  She then uses her cane to get to the deep end swim ladder.  Dorene then proceeds to lap me several times.  She puts my swimming technique to shame and I love watching her go!  Then there's mom (hi mom!).  Mom suffered a stroke last year.  After a bit of convincing, she agreed to get a "Euro Nitro" roller/walker (we call it her 'little red Ferrari').  Mom now walks/zooms around the indoor track at the local rec center, which has greatly improved her quality of life.

Whatever your fitness level, almost anyone can walk and swim.*   Now, I no-where near have the health challenges that many people do, but I... with all my aches, pains, anxiety, all or nothing thinking, and bathrooms issues, can almost always walk or swim, and at whatever pace I want.

Walking outdoors can be very uplifting - see my post on outdoor winter walking.  But, when the weather turns treacherous (or for whatever reason), walking on an indoor track is pretty awesome.  The climate is always perfect!  The track is soft and even (I'm a tripper), and most importantly... there's bathrooms everywhere!!!  If you have a bladder with a sense of humor like mine, you'll understand why this is so important.  The best part, is that walking at my local rec center is FREE!

Alternatively, swimming at my local SwimPlex is about $6.  I get a pass which gives me a bit of a discount.  Along with many classes, there's all day lane swimming.  That's what I like....lane swimming in the deep end.  At first though, I did find it a bit boring.  I also found the pool noises annoying... sloshing, annoying aqua-aerobics music, people trying to make small talk when I'm trying to get in my swim zone, etc.  Perhaps I'm a little anti-social and easily annoyed :)  This is where my Underwater Audio waterproof iPod shuffle comes in.  I love swimming to my music playlist.  I love blocking out the rest of the world and getting lost in my songs.

About Waterproof iPods

Here's some things to note about waterproof iPods:

    Buying a waterproof iPod review
  • Apple DOES NOT make any waterproof iPods.  Waterproof iPods are all third-party modified.
  • A Waterproofed iPod is different than a regular iPod that come in a waterproof case.
  • Waterproof iPods are injected internally with a silicone solution that coats/waterproofs all parts.
  • The iPod clips to your goggles, swim cap, ponytail, bun, or bathing suit strap.
  • Some waterproof iPods come bundled with waterproof headphones.
  • Think about what kind of headphones you want.
  • Waterproof headphones generally come with a shorter cable so you don't get all tangled up.  
  • Waterproof headphones should come with a variety of tips to give you a custom fit.

After shopping around and reading reviews, I ended up buying an Underwater Audio waterproof iPod shuffle.  Other well reviewed waterproof iPods include the Waterfi waterproof iPod Shuffle,  and the Waterproof iPod Shuffle by Audio Flood.  They basically all use the same waterproofing technology.  I chose mine based on price, and the fact that I wanted it paired with specific headphones. 

Waterproof headphones come in a few styles:

Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod review

Buying a waterproof iPod for swimming

I purchased my Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod 6 months ago (April 12, 2015).  When I received it in the mail, my son and I apprehensively dunked it in a glass a water, not believing it would work.  But it did, and it continues to do so beautifully.  I've used it 4 to 6 times a month with no issues.

The shuffle operates and loads playlists exactly like a non-waterproofed iPod shuffle... because that's what it is.  I turn on my waterproof iPod, pick my playlist, clip the waterproof iPod on the elastic in my hair bun, and swim away.  The only difference is the following:  Because of the internal silicone, the buttons are harder to push.  This makes it difficult, especially if you have it tucked outside of your eyesight.  I also eventually got used to the buttons and where they are in relation to where the headphone plugs in.

Buying a waterproof iPod shuffle
Like a regular shuffle, the on switch has two settings:  shuffle or play in order.  Another button allows you to switch between playlists.  The front of the shuffle has the basic play, pause, lock, volume, and skip forwards and back buttons.

You charge and make changes to your iPod with the supplied USB cable which fits into the headphone jack.

waterproof headphone review

I got the Hydro Harmony waterproof headphones.  I like how they stay firmly on and I don't have to worry about hitting the wire with my hands.  I'm really a rather pitiful swimmer, but I'm a little clumsy, so I feel these would stay on my head better.  The underwater quality of sound from the Hydro Harmony headphones is AMAZING!  I love keeping partially underwater as it seems to create a perfect musical seal (if that makes sense), blocking out all other sounds.  It keeps the water out of my ears, which is super important to me.  I hate getting water in my ears.

This waterproof iPod has been a great motivation for me to keep swimming and it is one of my favourite healthy purchases ever!  If you know someone who loves lane swimming, a waterproof iPod could be the perfect gift!

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*Of course, consult your doc before beginning an exercise program. 


  1. I didn't even THINK you could listen to music while swimming! Very eye opening, thanks! Or should I say...ear opening? :)

    1. Hee Hee, yes it's been very ear opening...I can't imagine swimming without it!


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