Lots of Greens Ginger-Apple Smoothie

Lots of Greens Ginger-Apple Smoothie

Do you go through smoothies in cycles?  I do.
Sometimes I need something tart and tangy.  Something that says "Wake up!"

When it comes to leafy greens, ginger and apples … organic is best.  For ease and convenience (and because I'm pretty lazy), I often buy the organic baby spinach in tubs from Costco.  I add them to my Vitamix jar first, so I can give them a quick rinse in vinegar water, and then carry on with the rest of my ingredients.  (Yes, you need to wash your pre-washed organic greens!).

Lots of Greens Ginger-Apple Smoothie

by Less Sugar Naturally

2 packed cups of greens (kale, spinach, collards, etc)
1 organic celery stalk
2 inch piece of cucumber (peeled if not organic)
One small unpeeled organic apple
1/2 a small fresh squeezed lemon (or one lemon ice cube)
One inch piece of ginger (about the size of your thumb down to the first knuckle)
1 cup of water
Add 5 drops of SweetLeaf stevia or sweetener to taste

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