Homemade Stevia Coke, Root-beer, Grape and other Soda Flavours

Looking to make your own sugar-free soda?  The simplest way is to add flavored stevia.  While I'm more of a lemon in water kind of gal, I do like the occasional vanilla creme soda.
I really like NuNatural's pure liquid Vanilla Stevia.   A few drops is all it takes to transform bubbly water into a tasty vanilla treat.

Not a fan of vanilla?  SweetLeaf makes stevia in a bunch of different flavors ... like cola, rootbeer, grape, etc.   Not sure which one you'll like?   Try SweetLeaf's soda sampler pack.

While stevia does come from a plant, it is a processed product.  That said, it is a much better choice than any artificially sweetened pop out there. 
Always use in moderation :)

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  1. I have tried Sweetleaf cola, and I find that for a 32 oz bottle, I can only do about 20 drops before it gets sickeningly sweet. Even that is borderline.


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