Clean, green and healthy gifts over $30 - Canada

Best gifts for clean eaters

I don't need much in this world.
One good pair of shoes and my favorite pajamas.
Oh...and colorful shiny kitchen gadgets.  Lots of them.
Do you know someone who feels the same?
Here's some gift ideas sure to please!

This post has Canadian merchant sources.  If you're shopping from the US, please see this post.

Know someone who's trying to kick the soda habit? With a Soda Stream they can make soda from ingredients that are actually good! I have the "Pure" model which comes with a plastic bottle, but if you prefer, Soda Stream also has a model which comes with a glass bottle

I have classic black but the Artisan comes in a myriad of colors to suit any personality! Useful and looks beautiful in the kitchen. If you get a stand mixer, this Flex Edge Beater
is a must!

For someone who already has a stand mixer, the perfect add-on gadget. This ice cream attachment makes perfect organic, additive-free ice cream in less than 10 minutes.

If you don't have a Stand Mixer, I've heard really good things about the Donvier ice cream maker.

On my wish list....people swear by these for tenderizing grass-fed beef.

My Hand blender with chopper is ANCIENT, but it's one of those things I use ALL THE TIME. Convenient for little jobs and again, easy to clean up.

That said, sometimes you need to bring out the big guns. 12 cup capacity, powerful, and with 3 simple switches to operate: ON, OFF, and PULSE!

When our microwave died last year, the Breville Smart Oven took over. It has the power of a full-size oven, but works quick, without heating up the whole house. I use it daily to make side dishes, roasted chicken, oatmeal, and to heat up leftovers in about 15 minutes.

Of course, a Vitamix would be the perfect gift for the smoothie lover in your home.  Check Bed, Bath & Beyond if they will allow you to use the 20% off email sign up coupon.  Costco is also to known to have good package pricing.

My husband once forgot his Essentia pillow at a Holiday Inn in Florida and we drove back out of the way to pick it up.  We didn't care if it had bed bugs, it was coming home with us!  The clerk handed it to me and said "I understand why you came back".  Essentia makes pillows (and mattresses) from natural latex. No more stinky pillows!

Last but not least, the ultimate in beautiful pots: Le Creuset. If I only own one of these in my lifetime... 6.5ish Litres is the perfect size to make anything!   Sometimes you can find seconds in Winners/Homesense, but I've only seen the smaller pots myself.

For more gift ideas, see our Best Healthy Eating Gadgets Under $30 post.

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