How to Survive Winter

-17°C / 1°F

January. Bleh. Just roll me up in a blanket like a sausage and wake me up in March please.

I hate the cold. I hate how it's dark by 5pm, and I hate driving in slush and snow.  Basically, I hate January and February.   Why can't we just hibernate the winter away and wake up lean and trim in the spring?

I'm not alone in my winter misery. The whole family pretty much hates winter, except for the teenage son. He thinks we're all bonkers for not thinking winter is the greatest season ever!  With each snow report, his eyes light up with excitement. That's because he has a winter passion: snowboarding ... whereas my only winter passion is hot indoor activity.

Now, when the kids were younger, I used to enjoy skiing along with them. Those quiet peaceful times on the chairlift were actually pretty nice (and great because the kids couldn't get away from my questions or topic of choice).   If I recall, the key was bundling up every part of our bodies and staying out of the chalet as long as we could.  Once inside, I was done.

Apparently,  lots of people walk ....
While I have no desire to ski anymore, my goal this winter is to bundle up each and every day for a walk, and find me some winter joy. 

Maybe it's the fresh air, the sun's crystal reflection in the snow, or seeing how chipper the winter sparrows are... whatever the reason, I always come home happy.  So, if you're feeling the winter blues,  dig out those thermals and come brave winter with me!

That said, my other winter coping mechanisms are hot chocolate and mason jar soups.  More to come on that soon.

Winter walking tips:

Disclaimer:  Nothing ultra-warm I own matches and frankly I don't give a care.

1.  Invest in a pair of good non-slip boots.
2.  Download some good tunes for the Ipod.
3.  Wear a toque.
4.  Use the walking setting of google maps to plot out 30 minute walking routes.

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