Freezing Mason Jars for Soup

Can you freeze mason jars?

Fire up the stove top!  February 4th is National Homemade Soup Day!

Making homemade soup is one of my favorite things to do.  Not only is it comforting and warm, but it's the tastiest way to clean out the fridge.  While I have my favorite go-to recipes, like my Thai Cauliflower Soup or Dairy-Free Creamy Chicken Samosa Soup, I usually just create as I go, and the inspiration is often a vegetable that's seen better days.

Besides being enjoyable, soup making is very economical.  That's why I spend a couple afternoons each month making soup for my work lunches.  I freeze individual portions and make a different batch each time, so that eventually, I have a nice rotation to choose from.   Having ready-to-go lunches is a good thing.  I work next door to an amazing cafe/bakery and let's just say if I didn't come to work prepared, I'd be broke AND bloated all day.

When it comes to long-term food storage, I'm always on the look-out for non-toxic options.  I love my snap-lock containers for most food storage, but mason jars make so much more sense for transporting soup. The classic metal lids and rings are reliably spill-proof and you simply remove them to heat.

Tips for Mason Jar Freezer Soup:


  • Use "wide mouth" 500ml straight shoulderless jars (like these)
  • Leave an inch of headroom for expansion.
  • Start the defrost process in the fridge overnight or in a bowl of water in the morning. 
  • Don't microwave with the lid on.

Can you freeze mason jars?
The perfect lunch

The best part:  Mason jars are cheap!  You can find them in most grocery or hardware stores for about $1 each.  If you want to get fancy, check out these Reusable Chalkboard Labels and Cute Microwave-safe Lids.

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