Five Reasons Your Smoothies are Gross!

How to make a better smoothie just un-boxed your beautiful Vitamix.  You're excited about making your first whole-food smoothie.   Your kale and celery are ready to go.  You blend.  You take your first sip and ugh!!!  Gross.  Your heart sinks.  What now?

Here's five reasons your smoothies are gross and what you can do to make them taste great!

1.  Your smoothies are not sweet enough

Why are my smoothies gross?
While fruit smoothies are a nice treat, ideally a daily whole-food smoothie should consist of 75% greens and veggies.  This would be considered a diabetic friendly smoothie.  That leaves room for a small apple, a cup of berries, half a banana, etc.... not a whole lot of sweet fruit.

*Note:  For many people this ratio could be difficult.  One of the keys to eating healthier is recalibrating your taste buds .  One can do this by eliminating ALL sweeteners (including stevia) for a few weeks.  Once you do this you'll be amazed at how much less sweetness you need. 

Wherever you are in your health journey, you need to find your smoothie happy medium.....that is your veggie to fruit ratio.  Maybe it's not 75/25, but I'm a strong believer in finding what works for you, otherwise you'll quit making them and that defeats the whole purpose. 

How to make a better smoothieBecause I strive for the 75/25 ratio, I find using a good quality stevia like SweetLeaf Drops or the more whole Stevia Concentrate really helps.   I'm very cautious about not over-using stevia (more on this here) but whole-food smoothies are one of those instances where I think stevia works beautifully.  It enhances the natural sweetness of the fruit or can make a green smoothie palatable.

2.  Your smoothies are not cold enough

Why are my smoothies gross?
I've made smoothies before and completely forgotten my ice and I have say it was gross!  Ice can make or break your smoothie!  Using frozen fruit helps too.

I also freeze my ginger and juice lemons and limes into ready to use ice cubes.   However, using too much frozen stuff can lead to.....

3.  Your smoothies are not liquified enough

I remember struggling with this when I first began making smoothies.   Most of the recipes I tried were really thick and goopy....gag.   It didn't take me long to figure out I liked them more liquid-y. 

Once your smoothie is blended, adjust the consistency by adding more water, on medium-low speed, during the last 10-20 seconds of blending.  I love my smoothies now.

4.  Your smoothies separate or get foam on top.

There are three main reasons for this:

How to make a better smoothie1.  If your blender is sucking in too much air you'll get lots of foam.  Using a good quality blender, like a Vitamix will help.

Still, bubbles are bound to happen when you blend liquids really fast, so run it on medium low (just enough so that it circulates) for the last 10-20 seconds of blending.  This will help get rid of most bubbles.

2.  Protein can act as an emulsifier that creates bubbles (think of egg whites).  Some people find that adding their protein powder or nut-milk during those last 20 seconds can help.

3.  My smoothies tend to be made from fruits and veggies high in insoluble fiber (greens, apples, celery, cherries, berries).  Insoluble fibers don't dissolve in water, so it naturally separates and can create foam.    To avoid this you can try using more soluble fibers (bananas, avocadoes, peaches, mangoes, etc) and your smoothies will be creamier.   Flaxseed is also a good source of soluble fiber. 
Why are my smoothies gross?
Separation and foam don't bother me.  I just give my smoothie a quick stir.  You can also skim off some of the foam before pouring it in your glass.

5.  Your smoothies taste chalky.

How to make a better smoothieSometimes I add plain organic rice protein powder with no additives to my smoothie.  This can make my smoothies taste chalky.

I reduced the amount to half a scoop (15 grams) and it drastically improved the taste and texture.   I'm still getting 12 grams of protein (one egg is 6 grams of protein) which is plenty!    The amount of protein powder you use will definitely alter the taste and texture of your smoothie.

Now that we've discussed 5 reasons your smoothies are's a test.  Get your blender out and go make this smoothie:

Very Green Ginger-Apple Smoothie

by Less Sugar Naturally

Why are my smoothies gross?

2 handfuls (about 2 packed cups) of greens (kale, spinach, collards, etc)
1 organic celery stalk
2 inch piece of cucumber (peeled if not organic)
One small unpeeled organic apple
1/2 a small fresh squeezed lemon (or one lemon ice cube)
One inch piece of ginger (about the size of your thumb down to the first knuckle)
1 cup of water.

Take a sip.  Meh.

On low, add more water to adjust the consistency until you like it.  
Take a sip.  Better.

Now add  1/2 cup of ice.  Blend.  
Take a sip. Much better!

Add 5 drops of SweetLeaf stevia.  Stir.
Take a sip.  Yummy!

Here's another tried and tested smoothie recipe:  Chai Veggie Smoothie


  1. sound like Little Miss Homemaker. I think if more young wives would enjoy their k itchens as much their husbands would be anxious to come home from work to try a few treats...Did you ever try a bit of liquor in your drinks????

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