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The Vitamix
The quintessential kitchen trophy every ‘clean eater’ owns or wishes for.
While I’m usually all about keeping your life simple and free of overpriced ‘things’, I have to say that the Vitamix is the best luxury item I’ve ever bought.  Mainly, because it makes ‘clean eating’ easy and convenient.   The Vitamix does it all…veggie smoothies, sorbets, creamy soups, hummus, nut butters, nut milks….and most importantly, it makes cleaning up a cinch.
Now, perhaps you’ve been on the fence about buying a Vitamix…stumped about which one to buy and whether you should buy from Vitamix directly, from a store,  or an online reseller like Ebay or Amazon? This post will tell you everything you need to know about buying a Vitamix and where to get the best deal.

Please note: Certain Vitamix models are only for sale in the US and some are only for sale in Canada. Some models are available in both countries under different names.

To add to the confusion, some retailers list their Vitamix models by product numbers.  For example you might see the Vitamix 1806, Vitamix 1807, Vitamix 1363, etc.  These three all refer to the CIA professional model but in different colors.  When shopping around find the model name.

To help you narrow models down, I've listed US prices from lowest to highest.  CAD prices are highlighted in red for my fellow Canucks.  Pricing was taken from the Vitamix website February 2016.  Prices are subject to change at any time.

The Classic Vitamix Base 


Differences between Vitamix models?
Total Nutrition Center, 5200, CIA Professional Series, Creations II, Creations GC, Professional Series 200, Total Nutrition Center, or TurboBlend VS all look like this.  The TurboBlend and Creations Turbo don't have the middle dial.

Classic base with 64 oz Tall Container - Total 20.5 inches high:

Classic base with low profile 64oz container - 17.25 inches high
  • $529 US only 5300 w/ Compact Container  (CAD) (Variable Speed, 7yr)

Classic base with 48 oz container - Total 17.4 inches high:

  • $449 US only Creations II (Variable Speed, *No rubber grip handle, 5yr)
  • $479 US only Professional Series 200 w/ Compact Container (Variable Speed, 7yr)
  • $499 US Creations GC and the very similar $689 CAD Aspire GC (Variable Speed, 2+ HP motor, 5yr) 
  • $559 US only CIA Professional Series 300 w/ Compact Container (Variable Speed, 7yr)
  • $669 CAD only Aspire Standard - Getting Started (Variable Speed, 5yr)
  • $669 CAD only Aspire Healthy Options (Variable Speed, Smoothie cup, 5yr)
  • $739 CAD only Aspire Family Package (Variable Speed, 64 oz container, 5yr)
  • $819 CAD only Aspire Whole Grains (Variable Speed, Grains jar, 5yr)

    The Next Generation Vitamix Base


    Professional Series 300, 7500, or Creations Elite all look like this.

    The next generation base has a  2.2 HP motor.  It's supposed to be 40% quieter with a more efficient cooling system.  The base is more contemporary.

    New base with 64oz compact container - Total 17.4 inches high:

    New base with 48 oz container - Total 17.5 inches high:
    • $557 US only Creations Elite (Variable Speed & Pulse, Smoothie cup, 5yr) 

        The "Personal" Vitamix Base

        S30 vitamix in Canada

        In April of 2014, Vitamix launched the Vitamix S30 "as the first ever high-performance personal blender".

        The compact S30 Vitamix is completely different than previous models.   It comes with a 20oz double insulated individual container in which you can convenient blend, add a flip-top travel lid and go.  It also comes with a 40oz container that can make 1 or 2 servings of soup, sauce, frozen dessert and more.   These containers have an interchangeable base that you take apart depending on which container you want to use or for cleaning up.  The 40 oz container comes with its own tamper.  Unlike the Classic and Next Generation models, both containers are dishwasher safe.  You can also buy additional flip-top containers for about $30.

        S30 Vitamix in Canada

        The S30 Vitamix measures between 14 and 16 inches high (depending on the container), easily fitting under most cupboards.

        It has a 790 Watt motor which is strong but considerable less than the Classic and Next Generation motors.  The base has a variable speed dial and a pulse function.    It comes with a 5 year warranty.

        The Vitamix S30 sells for $399 US or $469 CAD

        My thoughts:  I would rather spend $449 US on the 5200 Getting Started or $529 for the 5300 w/ Compact Container.   You get so much more function, power and a 7 year warranty.   You also don't have to deal with gaskets.  (I owned an Oster blender with a Smoothie Cup attachment.  While I loved it....let's just say I lost/chewed up a lot of gaskets).

        I do think the S30 has a niche to fill.  It takes up less space and weighs less which means it could be great for:
        • Travelers (yes, people actually travel with their Vitamix!)
        • Business travelers
        • Campers
        • Rv'ers, 
        • Students who live in dorms
        • Those who live in very small spaces
        • As a second Vitamix for work or the cottage.
        • Those who love the blend and go smoothie cup
        • I've even heard of people who use the S30 in their car.

            Six differences between Classic and Next Generation Vitamix models

          If  you're interested in a standard size Vitamix, here are six things to consider between models:

          Best deal on a Vitamix in Canada
          1.  The Control Panel:

          There's a few US models that come with a simple high/low switch.

          My Thoughts: I would pass on these models.  The variable speed dial is a must and worth the extra few dollars.
          Differences between Vitamix models?
          Most models come with a High/Variable toggle switch and a variable speed dial. 

          My Thoughts: I'm so glad I went with the variable speed.  Many Vitamix recipes instruct you to start at a certain speed, for so many seconds, and then shift to another.  You need it for emulsifying.  I also find starting on low and working your way up the dial is just easier on the brain!
          Best deal on a Vitamix in Canada
          The 6000 comes with "timed" presets:
          :20  Milkshakes, Chopping
          :30  Frozen Desserts, Fresh Fruit Smoothies
          1:00  Frozen Fruit Smoothies
          1:30  Dips, Spreads
          4:30  Smooth Soups, Fondues
          6:30  Thick Soups, Sauces
          My Thoughts:  This one doesn't have a variable speed dial.  I would choose a model with simple programs and a variable speed dial.

          A few models come with 3 or 5 programs for things like Smoothies, Hot Soup, and Frozen Desserts "with walk-away convenience".  The five program control panel also has a puree and a washing program.

          My Thoughts:  The programs could be useful but often you need to use the tamper which means you can't just walk away.  You really don't need a program for the wash cycle.   I do like that it has the option of the variable speed dial.

          ....And those are your control panel choices on the old bases and some of the new.  

          Best deal on a Vitamix in Canada
          2.  The container/jar that comes with it:

          Most classic Vitamix models come with a tall 64oz container but if you need to, you can buy one with a compact 48oz container that fit under most cupboards or you can purchase the 5300 which has a 64oz compact container.

          The newer bases come with a shorter compact 64oz container that will fit under most cupboards.   All containers are BPA-free.  Please note that not all containers have the nice rubber grip handle.

          You can buy extra containers (64oz, 48oz, even a small 32oz jar) if your cupboard situation changes at some point.

          3.  Extra Containers/Jars:

          All packages come with at least one jar.  Some packages come with an extra 32 oz dry grains jar good for grinding grains, spices and kneading dough.   Some packages come with three jars:  The 64 oz jar, a small 32oz or 48oz jar and a 32 oz grains jar.

          4.  Extra Cookbooks:

          All models come with a "Getting Started" guide and a DVD tutorial (make sure you watch this). Some packages come with extra cookbooks geared to vegans, gourmets, whole foodies, drinks, etc.  While these are nice I wouldn't necessariy pay extra for them as you can find so many great recipes online!  I've probably looked at my "gourmet" cookbook twice.

          5. Extra Accessories:

          Some packages come with accessories such as a smoothie cup,  a flip top beverage bottle, spatulas, cutting mats or a nut milk bag etc.

          My thoughts?  Extra containers could be worth the package upgrade.  The rest, I would shop locally or purchase online.  Nut bags are cheap.  For spatulas, cheap narrow jar scraper spatulas work best. For smoothie cup I use leak proof 32oz glass mason jars.  I'm also a big fan of the Starbucks recycled glass cold cups with lid :)

          6.  The warranty:

          Some models come with the full 7 year warranty.   Some only come with 5 years.  I think both are good warranties but if you're torn between two models an extra 2 years can give you piece of mind.  Warranties cover all parts and labor and include two-way shipping.

          Which Vitamix to Buy?

          Differences between Vitamix models? 1.  Where will your Vitamix go?

          If you want your Vitamix to fit under a cupboard, you'll need to buy:

          - a Classic base with the compact 48 oz jar or
          - a Next Generation base with the compact 64oz jar.
          -  5300 with compact 64oz jar.
          - a Personal Vitamix

          As you can see, I have the tall 64oz jar and unlike my other countertop appliances it nowhere near fits under my cupboards.  Fortunately,  I have some countertops with nothing above them.

          Also, think about where your outlets are.  I happen to have an outlet right behind mine.   Look at your kitchen space and plan accordingly.  I use mine 1-3 times a day so it's a permanent fixture on my countertop.

          2.  Will you be grinding grains, coffee, spices, kneading dough etc?

          If so, get a Classic or Next Generation Vitamix that comes with the extra dry grains container ($549 US  5200 Healthy Lifestyle.  Why get a grains jar?  Grinding grains will scratch your plastic container and grinding spices and coffee could leave lingering odours. It's also designed to throw what it's grinding upwards rather than sucking it down towards the blades.

          Update:  I needed a large amount of fresh ground pepper the other day.  I was really impressed at how well it worked.  However, I immediately regretted my decision as now my container smells like pepper.  Thank goodness I still have my old Oster for jobs like this.

          3.  Will you be making small portions?

          If you live solo or are alone in eating healthy foods, the Personal S30 could be perfect for you.  Or you could consider buying a Classic or Next Generation Vitamix that comes with the tall 64oz jar or the smaller 48oz jar.  They are narrower and thus need less volume to cover the blades.  The new smaller compact 64oz jar is wider thus requiring more volume.

          4.  Do you have mobility issues with your hands/fingers?

          All Classic and Next Generation jars have a thick rubber grip handle except the TurboBlend VS and Creations II models.   The jars can be pretty heavy when they're full.  If I was getting this for my mom I would definitely get a container with a rubber grip. 

          5.  Are you on a strict budget?

          Do you really need more horsepower? 
          • All Vitamix come with an automatic shut-off should they overheat.  I have a classic base, make peanut butter all the time and have never had an overheating issue.
          • You don't need a "new base" to make hot soups.  All Vitamix models make soup.   
          • Some people think there are "home" and "commercial" grade Vitamix models.  The Classic and New Generation models are all "commercial grade".   Vitamix also sells "commercial" models for businesses that will use them hundreds of times per day.  Because of this they have upgraded cooling systems, are very expensive and only come with a 3 year warranty.
          If you don't have the extra money, go with a good basic model with variable speed and rubber grip container.  That's the $449 US 5200 Getting Started.

          Did those five questions narrow down your choices?

          Where can you get the best deal on a Vitamix?

          1.  Buy a new unit direct from Vitamix.  
          1. Vitamix offers a 30-day trial.
          2. Vitamix allows you to break up the cost of any new model between 3 payments.  
          3. Vitamix automatically registers your warranty for you
          4. Vitamix periodically offers reconditioned units.

          2.  You can purchase online from Amazon or Ebay:   One of the best deals is to buy certified refurbished direct from Amazon.  These come with a 5-year warranty and 30-day guarantee.  

          3.  Costco, Bed Bath & Beyond, Williams Sonoma, etc:  Costco is said to have good deals on Vitamix packages.  Due to lack of competitive pricing here in Canada, I purchased my Vitamix from Bed,Bath & Beyond with the 20% off coupon.  Call your local BB&B to see if they will honor the coupon on the Vitamix brand.  the nice thing about Costco and BB&B is their generous return policies.


          I've been using my Vitamix for over 2 years now!  I make my own nut butters, almond milk, "creamy" soups, hummus, yummy and so fresh.  My Vitamix helps me each day to eat at least fifty percent of my diet as non-starchy vegetables.   It's been key in reversing my pre-diabetes.  (I went from an A1C of 6.1 to 5.6).  Breakfasts are a breeze.  I bring my smoothies to work with me and have energy all day.

          It also helped my my daughter who works in a pre-school.  She was constantly sick and low energy.  Right away she noticed the positive impact whole food smoothies had on her day.  This is a girl who works three part-time jobs, volunteers, has no time....let alone any interest in being in the kitchen.  She now prepares smoothies and healthy lunches each day.

          So ... if you've been on the fence, what are you waiting for?  Take the plunge!   I hope my post today has helped you figure out which Vitamix is meant for you.  Like me, you'll be wishing you'd done it sooner :)

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