Healthy Eating Tip #2: Make a date with your veggies

Reversing pre-diabetes healthy eating tips

Healthy Eating Tip #2 - The Veggie Prep Day

I'm too tired!  
I don't know what to eat.  
I woke up late.  
I've been working all day.  
I don't have time for this.  

Does this sound familiar?  Excuses like this usually lead to one of two scenarios:
  1. Eating tuna out of a can
  2. Or ordering pizza
When it comes to maintaining a healthy eating program, the two biggest challenges people face are lack of time and impulse eating.  That is why "prep days" are key to my success.

Having ready-to-go veggies means that it takes me less than two minutes to make a smoothie in the morning. I have instant veggies to go with my hummus when I get home from work.   A dinner salad takes less than five minutes to toss.  Best of means no weekday mess.

Reversing pre-diabetes healthy eating tips
Saturday/Sundays are my prep days.  On Saturday I do ALL of my weekly shopping.  Sunday is veggie clean up day.
Most of it gets washed and put into 3 containers that I stack in my fridge:

My Smoothie greens bin
My Salad greens container
My veggie container

My smoothie bin contains 2 bunches of spinach, 1 bunch of kale, 1 bunch of collard greens, 1 celery stalk, and 1 cucumber.  This mountain of greens all fits in my Rubbermaid 2-Gallon Food Box and lid.

Reversing pre-diabetes healthy eating tips
Washing your veggies is important whether they're conventional, "triple washed" or organic.

Consumer reports did a study on pre-washed salads that come in bags or plastic tubs.  Many samples had fecal contamination including Dole, Earthbound and Fresh Express.

Use a homemade veggie rinse like vinegar, salt or lemon juice.  I use a tiny squirt of Dr. Bronner's castille soaps. Swish and let sit for a couple minutes. Rinse with clean water.

Reversing pre-diabetes healthy eating tips
You'll also find dirt and bugs....and who knows what else.  Draining the water always makes the work seem well worth it.

Reversing pre-diabetes healthy eating tips
Spin greens in a salad spinner.  This step is key to keeping your greens fresh all week. If you leave too much moisture, things will get mushy by day 4.

I love my OXO Salad Spinner for this task.  Spin in small batches for best results.

Reversing pre-diabetes healthy eating tips
Chards and Collard Greens need extra help.  I usually wash these first and let them drain in a colander while I prep everything else.  The last thing I do is give them a quick wipe with a paper towel.

You won't get all your greens completely dry.  Greens like black kale are a real pain to dry, but I find as long as I did a good job with everything else, it all works itself out.
Reversing pre-diabetes healthy eating tips
After the greens are done, I wash all my veggies.  

Reversing pre-diabetes healthy eating tips
Everything stacks neatly in my fridge.

It's been six weeks since I started veggie prep day.  I actually look forward to it now.  There's something therapeutic about it.

It makes me feel grateful for all the goodness veggies provide and leaves me prepared to tackle a new week!


  1. With all the veggie eating you do, do you grow a garden? :)

    1. Hi Stormi!!! I sure do! But I live in Canada and our growing season is super short. My hubby and I are hoping to expand our garden this year


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