Healthy Eating Tip #1

Freezing Portion-Sized Healthy Foods

If there's one thing I've learned so far in my quest to reverse my's that prep prep prep is key.  There's always something that pops up....a late night at work, family pizza night, a morning with no lunch prepared.  Here's one of my best tips for setting up a successful healthy eating environment.

Freeze all your leftovers or make extra portions to freeze.

Extra Smoothie pucks
I love my silicone molds.  I use them almost every day.

I have 2 medium size Wilton Easy Flex Silicone 6 Cup Muffin Pan (Amazon or Amazon Canada)  and a Jumbo silicone mold (Amazon or Amazon Canada).

Stick with a 6 cavity mold as anything with liquids will be too hard to fit flat in the freezer.

Anytime I have extra smoothie....into the molds they go.  The medium is the perfect serving size for complex carbs and protein.  The jumbo is perfect for sauteed veggies and soups.

The medium pucks fit perfectly in my "soup" thermos.  For smoothies I add 3 pucks.  At work I take the lid off and add green tea to expedite the defrosting process.  It might take up to half an hour so plan ahead.

Sometimes I add one of my leftover strawberry sorbet pucks in there.  Mmm!

I always make a double batch of soup and freeze half.

Soup pucks can easily be reheated for a last minute meal or thrown in a container for a work lunch.

Sweet potato, sauteed veggies, brown rice orzo

Weekday meals can quickly be thrown together in a saute pan.  One or two jumbo sauteed veggie pucks, one complex carb puck, and your protein.   What I like about pucks is that you can mix and match.

I try to always have frozen cooked chicken breast in my freezer but you could use beans or legumes too .  Dinner will be ready in less than 10 minutes.

I love making fruit sorbets in my vitamix, but for the vitamix to work properly, you need to make more than one portion size.   Because they freeze up so hard, extras need to be frozen in portion sizes.  The silicone molds are perfect for that.  They could also be frozen into popsicle molds like these found on Amazon or Amazon Canada.   Mine are on their way! These will make a great after dinner or summer treat.

Whenever I make supper I freeze an extra portion.   For casserole dishes like shepherds pie I'll use small Glad or Ziploc reusable containers to freeze.    A brain freeze moment where you have no idea what to eat or have no energy to cook is inevitable.   Having frozen ready made portions have been key to my success so far.

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