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This summer our family packed up the car and road-tripped to New York City.  While I'm not a fan of big cities (or heat waves),  I have to say that my enjoyment was greatly enhanced by the great tours we took and the amazing food we ate.

A highlight of our trip was the Foods of New York Original Greenwich Food and Culture Walking Tour.  For 3 hours, we were led on an informative gastronomical journey through the streets of the West Village.

My favourite stop was sitting in Palma's carriage house kitchen, watching the chef create fresh ravioli stuffed with spinach and ricotta.  Like children we all got some of the filling piped onto the tip of our finger.  YUM!   Eating in their beautiful ivy covered courtyard is definitely on my to-do list when we return to New York.

Palma's fresh ricotta filled ravioli

Some people might feel stressed about eating healthy while on vacation but I see it as a time to try new foods, and try out the local cuisine.   New York has the very best foods from all corners of the world.

Using TripAdvisor, we planned ahead and avoided processed fast food joints in favor of local gems.  One of our favourite meals was at Tacombi, which serves tasty Mexican food from a truck permanently parked inside a garage.  The fresh tacos were amazing and the decor truly made it feel like Mexico.  (The heat wave might of helped too).

The Chelsea market also offered lots of great food options from fresh fish (mmm lobster), to sushi, even the very best organic, grass-fed, chocolate milk at the Ronnybrook milk bar.  We also each enjoyed some handmade chocolates by Jacque Torres.  Mmm!

Next to the market is the Highline, a one mile park/walkway converted from old raised railroad tracks.  This was the perfect place to walk off all our treats.   Thanks to the museums, the Brooklyn Bridge, our 3 hour food tour, and the shopping...we sure got our exercise in.

Under the Brooklyn Bridge, I had my first Lobster roll. 

Luke's Lobster.  Remember that.  You'll thank me one day.

My daughter and I also shared a special meal at famous chef Jean George's, Nougatine.  The 3 course lunch tasting menu is one of New York's best gourmet bargains.  The dishes tasted so fresh and were beautifully presented. The salmon was the best I've ever had.

Our most expensive meal took place at the Todd English Food Hall. I cannot begin to explain how someone can take a plain old slider and blow your mind with that weeks later, you're still trying to explain to others how good a slider can be. (It's embarassing.  No one understands.)

Here, chef Todd English serves casual gourmet food from nine diverse food stations.  Everything was tiny, expensive, but left you feeling like it was so worth it.  I'm still dreaming about the mango lobster roll.  The adjacent Plaza Food Hall is a gourmet food court.  It also looked good and would have probably been a better choice for the pocket book.

Pardon the terrible pics.  It was really dark in there!
spicy tuna sushi roll and lobster mango roll

Last but not least, were the cookies. Sugar-Loving Teen loves cookies, so a trip to New York would not have been complete without a stop at the famous Levain Bakery.   This tiny bakery has quite the following.  Known for their almost raw interiors and crunchy exteriors, it's true what they say....these giant 6 oz softball-size cookies are to die for, but 30 minutes after eating one,  I thought I might die....if you know what I mean.  Lesson learned!

When we came back from New York I became obsessed with recreating a lower-sugar version.  Click here for my recipe.

So distracted by the cookies....this is the only picture we took.

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