Sugar-Free Ice Cold Beverages

homemade sugar free stevia drinks

  Sugar-Free Iced Cold Beverages

I’m lucky enough to live nearby one of the best loose leaf tea shops in Canada, All Things Tea. This came in useful when I finally decided to terminate my long-term relationship with Crystal Light.
During my first two sugar-free weeks, I found myself diluting the little packets more and more each day until they became too sickly sweet to me...and that’s when I knew it was time for us to part.

Iced Tea

Homemade sugar-free stevia drinks

Once I starting brewing my own loose leaf tea, I couldn’t believe I’d been drinking that fake powdery crap all those years. 
Homemade sugar-free stevia drinks
Making iced tea is super easy. Add loose tea to a large tea ball and hook to the inside of a pitcher. Fill with boiling water and let it cool down on the counter for an hour or so before putting it in the fridge.

Making your own ice tea works really well in a sugar-divided household, as everyone in the family can control the amount of sugar they use.  Some family members add sugar.  Sugar-Free Teen and I add stevia or nothing at all.  Many of these flavoured iced teas are perfect as is!

Fruit Punch

Homemade sugar-free stevia drinks
Fruit tisane is very similar to loose leaf tea except that it’s made with dehydrated fruit and herbs. The kids have always loved this and it makes a great fruit punch. Sugar-Loving Teen’s favourite is Lemon Mango.   I used to add stevia to my fruit tisane, but now I love it as-is.

Loose leaf teas and fruit tisanes are packed with antioxidants and nutrients, so not only are they wonderfully tasty, they are good for you also.

Have fun with these drinks. As pictured here, I love adding frozen berries or grapes to mine.

Greek Frappe

Homemade sugar-free stevia drinksI can’t even begin to count how many frappes we had in Greece. This drink became my antidote to the scorching 40 degree sun. That and midday napping!

Each morning, hubby’s aunt would make mine, poli poli gliko, very very sweet. The bitter coffee taste and the sweet sugar would jolt me awake! It’s been a while since I made one, so I got my barbecue tongs and dug out the Nescafe canister from the very back of my top cupboard.

Homemade sugar-free stevia drinksTo make this frappe properly, you have to use Greek Nescafe.  Otherwise it won't foam up properly and have that special bite. I buy this at my local Greek or European grocery store.

Add 1 to 2 Tablespoons of Nescafe to 1/4 cup of water.  You can either shake it really good in a sealed container or use a hand mixer or frother.   Fill a tall skinny glass with a few ice cubes and pour the foam on top. Add milk and watch the foam rise to the top.   Add stevia to taste and give a quick stir.

Mmm… Now I’m ready for summer.

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