SweetLeaf Stevia Review

SweetLeaf Stevia Review

All SweetLeaf products below were paid for with my own money. This review has not been compensated in any way.  

Updated March 2013.  Since this review was first published, SweetLeaf received FDA approval for its sweetener extract made from several glycosides, namely stevioside and rebaudioside A...thus the change from "dietary supplement" to "sweetener".  For comprehensive information on stevia products see here.

SweetLeaf Stevia Review

Like most people, I thought all stevia was bitter. After reading some positive reviews, I decided to give SweetLeaf Stevia a try. I wasn't disappointed. For over a year now, I've had a chance to try many SweetLeaf products including the liquid drops, powdered extract, tabs, packets, and flavoured stevia like Chocolate, English Toffee, Orange Valencia, Rootbeer, and Vanilla Creme.

What makes SweetLeaf a standout is the fact that their extract is made with only cool, purified water. No chemicals. No alcohols. No glycerine, No additives!

sweetleaf stevia CanadaSweetLeaf Sweet Drops Sweetener

SweetLeaf's Liquid Stevia is my favourite product of them all. The taste is pure, clean, sweet and non-bitter.  I can't live without it!

SweetLeaf's Liquid Stevia lists the following as ingredients: Purified Water, Organic stevia leaf extract, Natural flavors

I love how easy it is to control the amount used with the liquid drops. It allows me to be very precise and consistent with my recipes. Sugar-Free Teen and I love using this in our beverages.  I also use this product in most of my baking.  (Purchase)

SweetLeaf Whole Leaf Liquid Stevia ConcentrateSweetLeaf Whole Leaf Liquid Stevia Concentrate

"Whole Leaf" stevia concentrate is one of the most whole forms of stevia you can buy and can only be sold as a dietary supplement.

I immediately noticed a huge contrast between this and other liquid stevia products. Whole leaf stevia concentrate is thick, black, and goopy!  It's also very hard to measure in droplets.

I tried it in my homemade lemonade.  It tasted ... um ... very leafy.  I tried to drink it, but the flavors just clashed.

SweetLeaf Whole Leaf Liquid Stevia ConcentrateA few days later I tried it in my tea.  This combination worked better, but the "leafy" taste was still very prominent. 

As someone who's always striving to eat more whole, I honestly wish I liked this product more.  It is one of the best, least processed, stevia products out there and could be perfect for you.  Think of it as whole grain bread as opposed to white.  (Purchase)

SweetLeaf Stevia reviewSweetLeaf Flavoured Stevia Sweet Drops

SweetLeaf has come out with a wide range of flavors like rootbeer, vanilla, valencia orange, etc... You can see them all here.  Online reviews about each flavor are mixed.  Some people love them, some people don't.  It's one of those things you have to try for yourself, especially if you're struggling with giving up diet sodas.

I do like using the flavors in my baking.... like the chocolate Sweet Drops in my chocolate chip cookies or chocolatey greek yogurt and the peppermint Sweet Drops in my healthy homemade Oreos.  (Purchase)

sweetleaf stevia review canadaSweetleaf Stevia extract (powder)

When I first began experimenting with stevia, I used SweetLeaf's stevia powder extract in some of my baking.   My family and I always found a slight aftertaste with the powder.   Refrigerating baked goods though, always seemed to help.

Over a year later....I just don't use stevia powder anymore. I prefer the Clear Liquid stevia. It leaves no aftertaste and it's just easier to measure.  (Purchase)

SweetLeaf Stevia ReviewSweetleaf Stevia Packets and Tabs To Go

As I mentioned in my Coffee Shop Drinks Post, SweetLeaf makes handy to-go packets that fit neatly in your wallet and are great to use in coffee shop beverages.

SweetLeaf uses inulin in these packets, a vegetable fiber. This is preferable to the maltodextrin fillers that most companies use.  Fillers are necessary to make stevia single-serve products usable. I found SweetLeaf's packets worked great in hot beverages, but they didn't dissolve as well in cold beverages.

SweetLeaf Stevia Review
SweetLeaf also makes tablets that come in a little tin that fits in my purse.  These are made with cellulose.  Cellulose can be made from vegetable, cotton, or wood fibers (Yuck!). The residual cellulose is noticeable if you drink your coffee or tea to the last drop. So um...don't sip the last sip.  One tablet sweetened my tea nicely with no bitter taste.

I love both of these products but because of the residue I prefer the packets.  They fit nicely inside my wallet but sometimes I forget to refill :( For this reason I carry both... the tin in my purse...the packets in my wallet!  (Purchase packets or tablets)

Want to know how SweetLeaf and NuNaturals products compare? See my NuNaturals review here

Where can you buy SweetLeaf in Canada?

SweetLeaf products have finally landed on the shelves of my local Canadian grocery store!!! I've also found them randomly at a few health food stores.  The prices are high, but it's nice to finally see good stevia products readily available here in Canada!  I found the following products at my local Zehrs (a Loblaws store).

SweetLeaf Stevia Review
Pardon my terrible phone pic!
  • Sweetleaf packets (35 packets for $6.99)
  • SweetLeaf, Liquid Stevia, Sweet Drops 2 fl oz bottle ($16.99)
  • SweetLeaf Stevia Sweetener (powder extract), 4 oz (115 g) ($16.49)
  • SweetLeaf SteviaTabs, 100 Dissolving Tabs ($10.49)

To save considerable money, I order my SweetLeaf products from iherb.com. At the time of writing, iherb prices are:

In fact, most stevia products are about 2/3 to 1/2 of the cost. Iherb is by far the cheapest prices I’ve found for my stevia products.  They offer low cost international shipping and I've received all my orders within 10 business days.  Shipping is free within the contiguous United States.

First-time customers can save $5 off their first order by using my coupon code KEP382 or click here to be automatically taken to my favourite SweetLeaf product page. Coupon code should automatically be added in at checkout.

Don't forget....Liquid Stevia belongs in your fridge!


  1. I've been using the sweetleaf powder, in my coffee for about 1 year now. At first it took a bit of getting used to it, but I will never go back to white sugar now. No more white sugar in my kitchen! Thank you for your thoughts on Sweetleaf's different products.

    1. I'm glad you found your perfect stevia match. SweetLeaf does make great products!

  2. Do you know what the "natural flavors" might be that are in the liquid stevia? I've read that it's best to stay away from this ingredient, but I love the Sweet Drops. TIA

    1. I honestly don't know. They won't release this information as it's their "secret recipe". Added flavor is one of those things I try to avoid as much as possible knowing I do use enjoy using the odd product that does contain them. If you do want to stay completely away from added flavors you could try this Liquid SweetLeaf stevia product: http://www.iherb.com/wisdom-natural-sweetleaf-whole-leaf-stevia-concentrate-2-fl-oz-60-ml/5276?rcode=kep382 It's about as whole as you can get but it tastes quite "leafy". I wrote a bit about it in my SweetLeaf Review.

  3. I tried this twice - one drop each time- and got terrible headaches within minutes.
    Alcohol (any kind) is the only time I ever get headaches- possibly a migraine trigger? Even fish cooked in a tiny amount of white wine causes them. This makes me think there must be some sort of alcohol in their "natural flavors" secret recipe. I'm done.

    1. Their natural flavor is only for flavored steevia . The one with a chocolate , grapes etc. The plain one diesn't have natural flavors

  4. I personally just tried some of their flavors and they were not very good, they taste all very much the same the amount i had to put in to even get that taste was alot.

    1. I'm not a huge fan of the flavours. I prefer to flavour naturally and pretty much only use the plain SweetLeaf stevia to sweeten, but the flavours are loved by many :)


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