NuNaturals Stevia Review

Nunaturals stevia review

**While I have not been compensated for this review, samples of each product were supplied to me at no charge. My loyalty always lies with the reader, therefore all opinions expressed below are honest and are my own.

NuNaturals Stevia Review

Like SweetLeaf, Nunaturals is a name that comes up often on stevia focused blogs and sugar-free recipes. I had previously reviewed NuNaturals Pure Liquid Stevia (in the plastic bottle) but did not like that it had an alcohol base.   NuNaturals noticed this and were kind enough to send me some alcohol-free samples to try.

Nunaturals stevia review

NuNaturals Alcohol Free Stevia  *Sold as dietary supplement

The product that I was most excited to try was the Pure Liquid Alcohol Free Stevia.  I was not disappointed. Right away I noticed that it tasted clean and pure.   It had no bitter taste.

This alcohol-free stevia also measures more accurately in recipes.

NuNaturals Alcohol Free Stevia lists the following ingredients: NuStevia extract, water, vegetable glycerine (derived from Palm) and Natural Flavors.

This is where I feel SweetLeaf has the edge.. in that it only uses water in its ingredients. That said, unlike the alcohol base, I can't taste the vegetable glycerin base at all. I really like both products and use both interchangeably in all my recipes.

Nunaturals vs sweetleaf

NuNaturals Flavoured Stevia

NuNaturals also provided me with several flavoured stevia products.

To be honest, I'm not a fan of flavoured stevia by ANY brand. I just prefer to add flavours naturally.

I tried the Alcohol Free Lemon Stevia but didn't like it.  I like using fresh squeezed lemons and limes.
Nunaturals vs sweetleaf

However, one day I accidentally added peppermint stevia to my Healthy Oreo Cookie recipe.

I thought I had ruined the recipe but ended up loving the result. I always add it now. I also use it to make peppermint truffles.

NuNaturals vs. SweetLeaf

I compared a few of NuNaturals and SweetLeaf products head to head.

First, cosmetically, I noted a problem with some of the droppers specifically on the flavoured Nunaturals products . They were goopy, drippy and hard to measure accurately. To use the dropper effectively I had to let the excess drip in the bottle first. Not a big problem, but none of SweetLeaf's flavoured stevia had this issue.  I suspect this had to do with filler.

The Nunaturals stevia reviewfirst product I compared was the NuNaturals orange stevia to SweetLeaf's Valencia Orange.

The NuNaturals orange was thicker and left an odd film (visible in the glass on the right) in my drink. As we established earlier, I'm not a fan of flavoured stevia so I didn't really like the taste of either brand.

Nunaturals vs sweetleaf
Here's where things took a shocking turn.  I was surprised when I found myself loving the taste of the Nunaturals Alcohol-Free Vanilla stevia.

20 drops in 500ml of carbonated water makes a delicious vanilla-cream soda!

NuNaturals uses Singing Dog Vanilla. You can definitely smell the difference between the SweetLeaf and NuNaturals vanilla stevia brands.

NuNaturals is the clear winner here!

Nunaturals stevia review
I also compared SweetLeaf's Chocolate Stevia ( sweetener) and NuNaturals Cocoa Bean Extract (dietary supplement) in my cookie recipes.

SweetLeaf's chocolate stevia is mild but sweeter.

NuNaturals Cocoa Bean extract has a much more intense...deep cocoa taste. In fact, you can actually see the cocoa settling on the bottom of the NuNaturals bottle. It needed a vigorous shake with each use.

I think this one comes down to chocolatey bitterness preference.

Nunaturals vs sweetleaf
The last product I compared was the convenient to go tablets.

I noticed the NuNaturals tabs are about 3x the size of SweetLeaf's tabs. So is the container.  SweetLeaf's tabs come in a cute little tin that holds 100 tabs. NuNaturals comes in a vitamin looking bottle. Both containers are barely full and could be reduced even further in size.

Despite being smaller, the SweetLeaf tabs were sweeter than NuNaturals. The Sweetness was subtle but noticeable in the back of my mouth.

Some people feel that the SweetLeaf tabs are too sweet, so it could come down to personal preference, but I like my tea sweet!

Nunaturals stevia review
Both list cellulose as their filler ingredient. Cellulose is made from either plant, cotton, or wood filler (yuck!). Both left a residue in my teacups. Being three times the size, the NuNaturals (the cup on the left) tabs left more residue than SweetLeaf tabs.

This made the last few sips of the NuNaturals tabs undrinkable.   My co-worker tried a few and noticed the same thing.

Both products tasted good, but based on taste, residue and portability, I'd have to give SweetLeaf the edge on this one.


NuNaturals is a worthy competitor in the stevia marketplace and has earned its good reputation. I love the taste of the Alcohol-Free Stevia and the Vanilla Stevia is a standout product! There's no bitter taste in either.

Where can Canadians (and others) buy NuNaturals Stevia?

Despite the fact that it's supposedly available in Canada, I have personally never seen any Nunaturals products sold here in Ontario. For now I buy my NuNaturals stevia from iherb. Check here for current pricing. You can get $5 off your first order by using my coupon code KEP382.

Iherb offers very reasonable international shipping to Canada.  I've received all my orders from them within 10 business days.

Shipping within the contiguous United States is free.

*Make sure you keep your NuNaturals Liquid Stevia Products in the fridge.


  1. Have you tried NuNaturals since they switched suppliers? I've seen a lot of complaints about them, even at iHerb. They say it is now bitter and not good.

    1. I haven't. I'm still working through my older wouldn't be able to comment. I wonder if they changed over from the "dietary supplement" to a new "sweetener" formula?

    2. Try to get a new one before you finish that bottle, so you can do a side by side! I have the old formula (and am nearing the end... tear). I'm sad I can't get more. Based on this, I think I'll switch to sweetleaf when I'm done. But I'd be interested in hearing your comparison between the too!

    3. SweetLeaf is an excellent product.

    4. I am one of the hugely disappointed former fans of NuNaturals liquid Stevia. I received two new bottles in March, with exactly the same labeling as before. However, when I tried the product it had a new bitterness to it and was much weaker. It now took more than 4 times as much to sweeten to the same level. I contacted the company to ask if perhaps I'd received a bad batch. They told me; "Our stevia extract changed in May 2013. We simply had no choice but to change our extract.The extract that we had been using is no longer available." I asked if they planned to update it, and they said "We are responding to customer feedback and will have a sweeter liquid NuStevia products later this year." I've written back several times, and still no update. I was using 10 drops to sweeten a cup of coffee. With the new product it took 45 drops to get close to the same level. The new bitter taste is something I could get used to, but not the loss of economy. That was the deal breaker for me.

    5. By the way, my last inquiry to Jake at NuNaturals was mid July .

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