Are Fast Food Smoothies Healthy?

Are McDonald's smoothies healthy?

Smoothies are the latest fast food trend and are marketed as being healthy.  But are they?  Let's de-construct the three types of smoothies you might encounter in life.

Where to buy clean Tortilla Shells

where to buy healthy tortilla shells

If your family is like mine, taco night is a weekly ritual not be messed with.  No other meal pleases the family more, as each member can be the architect of their own meal.    My tacos are always  the same.  One very soft tortilla, meat, a little cheese, my favorite salsa and a dollop of sour cream.

Recently, I began making super easy home made taco seasoning.  Of course that led me to wonder... where could I find clean tortilla shells?   You'd think tortilla shells would be simple to make, but check out all the ingredients in a simple Old El Paso flour tortilla:

Pick a Better Chocolate Bar

Best dark chocolate bars

Perhaps my fellow Canadians have seen Hershey Canada's recent "Simple Ingredients" campaign. To me this highlights everything that's wrong with chocolate bars today.  The expensive cocoa butter has been replaced with cheap ingredients like polyglycerol polyricinoleate (PGPR), which Hershey Canada has now decided to remove from their milk chocolate.  But PGPR is still used in Hershey's dark chocolate bars (Yes...the ones YOU thought were better for you) AND it's still being used in Hershey's USA products!

So, how do we go about finding a healthier chocolate bar?

Awesome Clean Eating Books

"The best books... are those that tell you what you already know."
George Orwell, 1984

If you search for "diet books" on the Chapters/Indigo website, 12900 search results will show up.
With Americans spending billions of dollars each year on diet aids, the writing of diet books is a very profitable industry, one where people are guaranteed to keep coming back for more.  Unfortunately (for my bank account), it took 20 years, for me to realize, all these books pretty much say the same thing... eliminate a food group, do math, succeed until you fail.  Wash, rinse and repeat.
But, if you search a little deeper, you can find food books of a different kind.
Common sense stuff... about things you knew deep down inside, but just didn't want to think about.  

What Does Grass-fed Beef Taste Like?

What Does Grass-fed Beef Taste Like?

Because I don't like gamey meat, I was pretty nervous about ordering a side of beef.  When I tried Googling what grass-fed beef tastes like, this is what I came across: